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Teresa Giudice Vows to Stay on RHONJ Amidst Ongoing Drama: ‘I Started This!’

Real Housewives Of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice once again addressed rumors she’s leaving RHONJ, during an interview with Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos.

The reality TV personality appeared on Live With Kelly & Mark, and Teresa had quite a lot to say about the franchise, her co-stars, and her role in making the Real Housewives franchise the blockbuster property it is today.

Rumors about Teresa leaving RHONJ are not new, and they tend to circulate from time to time due to the intensity of the drama on the show.

But Giudice was adamant that she isn’t leaving the Real Housewives any time soon.


Teresa Giudice received a 15 month prison sentence for bank fraud, but she thinks it was a fake Real Housewives scene that sparked the investigation.

Teresa Said She’ll Leave When Bravo Boots Her

Courtesy Of ABC

Teresa, wearing a striking, all-white ensemble, appeared on Live! to discuss the latest Real Housewives Of New Jersey developments.

Kelly directly asked about “rumors” claiming Teresa planned to end her long tenure as a “Bravolebrity”:

“Rumors are [saying] that you’re considering leaving the show. Are they true?”

Immediately, Giudice rolled her eyes and gestured upward as if mildly aggravated. She began to answer, with a bit of cross-talk from Kelly:

[Teresa]: “Really? who put those rumors out there …

[Kelly (emphatically)]: “I don’t know! … I don’t know.”

[Teresa]: “Yeah, I mean, may — maybe some of my cast members [are starting the rumors] …”

Teresa then began to answer the question in earnest, and said:

No, I’m not leaving. I started the show. When Bravo wants me to leave, that’s when I’ll leave.

Live! shared the exchange in question via YouTube:

Back in November, Teresa said something similar: “I’m not leaving ’til Bravo fires me.”

Kelly Ripa makes a substantial salary but her net worth only appears to creep up slowly annually. What gives?

Teresa Also Talked About The Canceled Reunion Show

Courtesy Of ABC

In June, the Real Housewives fandom was rocked after Bravo confirmed that there would be no Real Housewives Of New Jersey reunion show — per People, it was only the second time the network chose to skip the “tradition.”

On Live!, Teresa told Kelly she was relieved over the decision, referencing a contentious RHONJ reunion in 2023.

Giudice also alluded to some sort of replacement event, and said of the reunion show’s cancellation:

“We’re having something. I don’t know what they’re calling it, but we are doing something. Make sure everyone tunes in for that, but I don’t know what they’re going to call it.”

Entertainment Weekly asked the network about the RHONJ reunion in light of Teresa’s remarks on Live!, and Bravo said they “won’t be commenting further” on the RHONJ “Season 14 closer.”