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Ex-RHONY Star Slams ‘That Stupid Show’ for Long-Running Feud with Co-Star

Bethenny Frankel had an unexpected reunion with a longtime “Real Housewives of New York City” enemy.

In July 2024, Frankel reunited with her nemesis Luann de Lesseps at a party in the Hamptons. The reunion was scrapped in a now-viral video that showed  de Lesseps giving a hug to Frankel’s daughter Bryn Hoppy and Frankel  joking that life “actually is a cabaret.”

Speaking on her “Just B” podcast soon after, Frankel said she would have never had beef with de Lesseps had they first met outside of the Bravo universe.

“If we had met each other not through that vehicle I can guarantee you we would never have been in an argument,” the Skinnygirl founder shared. “I don’t really argue. You know what I mean? I don’t. The only people publicly that I’ve had arguments are within the framework of the Housewives for the most part. There are exceptions, but the people I’ve had arguments with they’re all from that stupid show, like that dumpster fire. Which by the way confirms what I’ve always said that show is designed for people to despise each other.”

Frankel also referenced de Lesseps’ past comment that she bites the hand that feeds her by talking about the Housewives on her podcast.

“I mean, can say whatever you want but that is not me,” Frankel continued. “It’s like whenever Luann’s like ‘Why do you bite the hand that feeds you?’ It’s like, ‘Why? Because that hand doesn’t only feed that hand also divides.’ And while she’s made money off it and success, and that hand did feed us, that hand also fed us by making us hate each other.”

Bethenny Frankel & Luann de Lesseps Have Been Feuding For Years

GettyLuann de Lesseps & Bethenny Frankel.

Frankel and de Lesseps were original stars of “The Real Housewives of New York City” and co-starred together on and off from 2008 to 2019.  In late 2023, Frankel‘s “reality reckoning” called for a union for reality stars, according to Vanity Fair. She told the outlet she was doing “penance” for former co-star and crew members who were “tossed away after being used like trash” in the “toxic” Housewives process.

De Lesseps addressed Frankel’s mission during a December 2023 performance of her cabaret show, “A Very Countess Christmas,” in New York City.

In a video posted by Page Six, de Lesseps blasted Frankel. “You know, listen, why bite the hand that feeds you?” she said to the crowd. “Why bite Andy [Cohen}? Why bite NBC? You know, just go off into the sunset. You make millions and gazillions of dollars. If you claim you do, then why are you still harping on us? Why are you talking about us?”

In May 2024, de Lesseps told Us Weekly that Frankel was the one Housewife she would never work with again. In a separate interview with Entertainment Tonight,  the “Money Can’t Buy You Class” singer said, “Bethenny trashed our show. I don’t even want to give her airtime.”

Bethenny Frankel Shared a Photo of Her Reunion With Luann De Lesseps & Admitted She Blocked Her on Instagram

When the longtime foes reunited in July 2024, they both shared photos and videos from their exchange.

“A bougie Hamptons party by day… tonight it’s a cabaret… Hell hath frozen over and I am being cool 😎 and not uncool…” Frankel captioned a selfie of her and her daughter with de Lesseps.

De Lesseps shared the montage with a caption to plug her cabaret show. “Guess life IS a CABARET, my friends! 🎵❤️ Get your tickets at 🎟️ #weworkeditoutontheremix,” she wrote.

When fans noticed that Frankel didn’t tag de Lesseps in her post, she was asked, “Did one of you block the other?” “YUP lol,”  Frankel replied.

Another fan begged de Lesseps, “Unblock each other please.” The RHONY OG replied, “I don’t have her blocked!😂”

In a TikTok video on Sunday, July 7, Frankel admitted it was her “devious” daughter’s suggestion to talk to de Lesseps at the Hamptons party. “Luann hugged Bryn. We had to do it on social media because if it didn’t happen there then it didn’t happen anywhere,” Frankel said.

After seeing Frankel’s take on their reunion, de Lesseps told  Us Weekly she was ”hurt” to find out what actually transpired. “After watching Bethenny’s video and still being blocked by her on social media, I realize she just used her daughter to get to me,” de Lesseps told Us Weekly. “To watch the video, it hurt my feelings,” the RHONY alum added.