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Drama Unfolds: Alexis Bellino Challenges Teddi Mellencamp Over John Janssen

It’s not unheard of for ladies from The Real Housewives franchise to date the same man- hopefully not at the same time! LuAnn De Lesseps, Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan admitted to it on previous seasons of the original Real Housewives of New York,Gretchen Rossi and Jo De La Rosa from RHOC both dated Slade Smiley. Yet it was another former housewife who certainly had plenty to say when it was first rumored that Real Housewife of Orange County Shannon Beador’s ex, John Janssen, was dating former Orange County housewife, Alexis Bellino.

Teddi Mellencamp, former cast member of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was certainly outspoken about it on her podcast 2 Ts in a Pod, which she co-hosts with RHOC’s Tamra Judge.

When rumors surfaced last year about John’s new love interest, Teddi criticized John for allegedly wooing his new beau at The Quiet Woman restaurant, one of Shannon’s favorites. She also intimated that John was attention-seeking and was doing it to hurt Shannon.

This clearly didn’t sit well with Alexis as when she appeared on Teddi and Tamra’s podcast recently she made her views about this known. On the podcast, Teddi told her: “I have a bone to pick with you.” Alexis replied with: “I have a bone to pick with you too.” Teddi’s bone? Referring to a previous encounter with Alexis, she said: “I asked you are you with John Janssen you looked me dead in the face and said no, the next day it was in People magazine!” Alexis responded saying: “We had promised the exclusive to People.”

Alexis Bellino Defended John Janssen on Teddi and Tamra’s Podcast

Image via Bravo

Alexis then went on to defend John to Teddi saying: “You have been a little dirty to my man, so I just wonder where you get those feelings?” Tamra then interjected saying that what the public knows about John is not the truth. Alexis added: “There’s so much to the truth, Teddi, that you don’t know. John is one of the kindest, nicest, most generous, amazing, god-fearing humans I know. He gives back to the world and is constantly getting beat down and still tries to rise above. The truth is going to come out.”

Although most of the exchange appeared to be light-hearted, Teddi then seemed to back peddle a little saying: “There’s nothing more that I love, much as we like to joke about me being a know-it-all than to be proven wrong.” Alexis responded by firmly telling Teddi: “You will be proven wrong this season too because the truth will come out.”

Seeing as Alexis is rejoining the RHOC cast in season 18 as a “friend of” this season, appearing alongside main Housewife Shannon, and no doubt John himself, perhaps only time will tell.