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‘RHOC’ Tamra Judge Agrees Shannon Beador is an “Alcoholic” and a Narcissist, Denies Using Her Drinking as a Storyline, and Suggests Shannon Should Quit the Show and Go to Rehab

Credit: Instagram

Tamra Judge agreed with an Instagram user that Shannon Beador is an “alcoholic” and narcissist after sharing a clip of the upcoming 18th season of The Real Housewives of Orange County on Monday that spoke of Shannon’s DUI and hit-and-run arrest.

Following the posting of the clip, in which Tamra, 56, asked Heather Dubrow, 55, if she thought Shannon, 60, had a drinking problem, and Emily Simpson, 48, questioned Shannon about her post-arrest drinking, Tamra made it clear that she believes Shannon needs help.

“The wait is almost over … THREE days until the [RHOC] Season 18 premiere!” Tamra captioned her July 8 sneak peek on Instagram.

Tamra then responded to several of her fans and followers who shared their thoughts on the preview.

“It’s clear to everyone apart from Shannon that she is an alcoholic. I believe she is also very narcissistic because she would have accepted that and got help a long time ago if she didn’t continue to live in denial and blame everyone else for her [behavior],” one person stated.

“Agree,” Tamra replied.

Then, when someone pointed out that the entire cast drinks, Tamra doubled down on her alcoholic claims regarding Shannon, saying there’s “nothing wrong with drinking” but “a lot wrong with being an alcoholic.”

Another person noted that if Shannon truly is an alcoholic, Bravo and its cast members shouldn’t be making a spectacle of her on the show.

“If she really has an alcohol problem then shame on all of them, from Bravo down to the cast for using her problems as the [show’s storyline] this season. I’ll stop watching if this turns out to be the case. I hope others will too,” they stated.

But according to Tamra, “Nobody is using her for a storyline.”

“She CHOSE to return to the show. She knew it was going to be a topic of conversation,” Tamra pointed out.

Someone else said Shannon’s problems being on display made them sad.

“I agree she shouldn’t drink at all, but come on at the same time these are not real friends constantly telling her what [she’s] doing wrong,” they shared. “There is a way to tell someone but with being caring … Watching these clips makes me sad cause there [are] people that struggle with this disease and to use in the show and have people bring you down for ratings!!! It’s all about ratings!!! Makes me sick … I hope Shannon has someone out that group that gives her support cause by the clips I seen it’s as [if] she has no friends at all and that’s why we have so much mental health problems in our world … makes me sad.”

Still, Tamra signaled the fact that Shannon was a willing participant in filming.

“Then get off the show and go to rehab if you can’t let your friends help you and you push them all away,” she advised.

Tamra also responded to a person who said she was “going to make her storyline all around Shannon drinking.”

“Actually I’m not. But thanks for your [uneducated] opinion,” Tamra clapped back.


The Real Housewives of Orange County season 18 premieres on Thursday, July 11, at 9/8c on Bravo.