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Andy Cohen Teases Four Exciting Paths for RHONJ’s Future

Bravo producer Andy Cohen is opening up about the future of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” which premiered in 2009. 

During the June 21 episode of former “Flipping Out” star Jeff Lewis’ podcast, “Jeff Lewis Has Issues,” Cohen addressed rumors that RHONJ will either be canceled or rebooted following the show’s 14th season. As fans are aware, the Bravo series has a major cast divide, with several stars not willing to interact with each other. 

Cohen stated that “when the stars don’t want to be in the same galaxy, that’s not sustainable.” In addition, when Lewis asked if “a complete reboot” is an option for RHONJ, Cohen replied, “I think anything is an option.”

He also stated that Bravo has several choices when it comes to the future of RHONJ. He explained the network’s final decision will depend on a few factors, including audience reaction.

“I think there are four different ways that we could go with that show. And I think you could probably figure out what they are. We are going to let this season play out. We will all talk. We’ll do the focus group stuff. We’ll do all the stuff we do. And we’ll probably do a bunch of casting. And we’ll take our time,” said Cohen. 

He also shared his thoughts about the show’s 14th season not having a reunion. He explained that he planned on moderating the reunion, which was canceled at the last minute. 

“When we all saw this finale, we were like, ‘It’s the finale and the reunion all at once,’” said Cohen. 

The “Watch What Happens Live” host noted that Bravo plans on filming “something in place of the reunion.” 

Andy Cohen Made Similar Comments About the RHONJ Season 14 Reunion in a Separate Interview

Cohen made similar comments about the RHONJ season 14 reunion while speaking to Extra TV in June 2024. He explained that Bravo executives did not feel filming a reunion was necessary after shooting the finale. 

“When you see the finale, you’ll see. I kind of think the finale kind of is a finale and a reunion all in one,” said Cohen. 

The Bravo producer also stated that fans should ignore rumors about any RHONJ casting decisions. 

“There’s a lot of speculation about casting for ‘Jersey’ next season, no decisions have been made. We’re nowhere close to making any decisions. So, don’t believe anything you read right now,” said Cohen. 

Margaret Josephs Teased Information About the Season 14 Finale

RHONJ star Margaret Josephs teased information about the season 14 finale during a June 2024 interview with Entertainment Tonight. She stated that there was “such a build up of so many relationships that just explode” while filming the final episode of season 14. 

“I think it’s [the] finality of so many relationships, that there’s just nowhere to go from here,” said Josephs. 

She also stated that she “was very sad” to not have the chance to film a reunion for season 14. 

“I think I still have a lot to say,” said Josephs. 

She clarified that she believes the decision “maybe is for the better” because she rather not interact with some of her RHONJ castmates again. 

New episodes of RHONJ air on Sundays on Bravo.