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Danielle Cabral Hosts Second Charity Event Despite ‘RHONJ’ Drama with Jennifer Aydin

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Danielle Cabral is in a charitable mood. Despite the recent drama with co-star Jennifer Aydin over her accusations that Danielle mistreated her hairstylist and other guests at her “Party Like a Housewife Event” last year, and even that she supposedly misappropriated funds, Danielle just announced she is ready for round two by hosting the event again this year. Jennifer has had a target on her reality co-star’s back all season long, claiming to disapprove of Danielle’s supposed mistreatment of others, but coming across as irritated that her co-star has the confidence to stand on her own among the group of women instead of falling in-line with Teresa Giudice in her decades-long feud with co-star and sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga.

Danielle left Season 13 wary that Teresa and Jennifer had used her to expose a rumor on camera that Melissa had cheated on her husband. Jennifer told Danielle the rumor, but withheld the information that Melissa already knew about it and that the in-laws had already had a second-hand conversation about it, through their respective husbands. In the process of trying to help Melissa get ahead of the gossip, Danielle incidentally exposed old news on camera for the world to hear. Which would be convenient, if you are a sister-in-law with a vendetta, and a penchant for keeping your hands clean by sending your minions out to do the dirty work. Both Jennifer and Teresa deny they set Danielle up to fail, and she warily agreed to put the issue to bed in Season 14, while keeping one eye firmly fixed on her supposed “friends.”

Danielle Rises Above the Drama Through Charity Work

On August 24, Danielle is set to throw her now second annual “Party Like a Housewife” event, which will raise funds for Sunrise Day Camp Staten Island, a free day camp organized to help children with cancer enjoy some fun in the sun. Melissa will appear as a special guest for the event, as will co-star Rachel Fuda. Although in attendance last year, Jennifer is notably absent from the event poster for this year’s event. However, Danielle is not afraid to spin the negative attention from Jennifer’s accusations into a positive, by using the drama to call attention to her event.

Danielle shared the event poster to her Instagram, noting: “If you think last time was insane, just WAIT until you see what we have in store for you this year!” After the recent episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey aired, showing Jennifer accusing Danielle of misusing funds from the charity event last year and the ladies subsequently getting physical with one another, the reality stars took to social media to air out their sides of the story. Jennifer has used her platform to continue to throw insults and barbs at her co-star. Meanwhile, Danielle is putting the focus back where it belongs, on the charity itself.

Noting that she has a longstanding relationship with the Sunrise Day Camp, dating back years before she became a Housewife, Danielle took to Instagram to say that she is fine dealing with the low-blows from her co-star, “if it means this WONDERFUL ORGANIZATION gets noticed.” Although viewers now know that Jennifer and Danielle will get into another altercation during the upcoming season finale, it seems that Danielle is happy to stay boujie and unbothered about Jennifer’s drama when it comes to her upcoming event.