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Adrienne Maloof Shares Terrifying Near-Kidnapping Experience of Her Son

It’s a cruel world out there, and Adrienne Maloof learned that the hard way. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum recently opened up about a frightening story where her little one was almost kidnapped. Just when you think you know everything about Real Housewives, here comes Adrienne with this bizarre tale.

Adrienne’s brush with a kidnapper

The former RHOBH star opened up about the “terrible” experience during an episode of Sirius XM’s Jeff Lewis Live. The whole thing sounded like a scene from a Lifetime movie. Jeff and the rest of his crew could hardly believe it.

It all happened 19 years ago at Nieman Marcus. Adrienne said she was shopping with her baby, her nanny, and a private security guard. Within a matter of seconds, some random lady came up and snatched the baby out of her nanny’s hands.

“This lady came up, and my son was crying,” Adrienne recalled. “She actually took him out of my nanny’s hands and started going towards the elevator.”

Adrienne said that “thank goodness” she had security who swiftly went after the lady. They rescued the baby, and everything was fine. That poor baby was probably so confused by the end of all of this.

“It was freaky, but it can happen,” Adrienne warned.

According to Adrienne, the lady was likely targeting Nieman Marcus shoppers because they were trying to go after kids from rich families. She said her security called the cops on the lady who tried to take her baby, but it’s not clear what ultimately happened to the attempted kidnapper. She might still be roaming around that mall looking for wealthy babies to snatch. Keep your eyes peeled.

The moral of the story: always keep a close eye on your kids. And if you’re super rich like Adrienne, consider hiring a personal security guard.