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Denise Richards’ Husband Aaron Phypers Sued for Massive Six-Figure Debt

When we first met Aaron Phypers on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Denise Richards was running around bragging about his junk. As we got to learn more about him, we learned that he was running a holistic healing center. Essentially, he said that he knew the secret to cure cancer, and then Denise claimed they were being followed because of their immense knowledge on the subject.

Unfortunately, Aaron’s noble work in the health industry doesn’t seem to be paying the bills. He’s been in hot water with a creditor over a six-figure debt for quite some time. Now, the word on the street is that they’ve once again threatened him with legal action.

Aaron’s big, enormous debt

In Touch got the scoop on Aaron’s legal troubles. According to the court documents, this money crisis started back in 2022 when he defaulted on a business loan he took out in November 2019. The loan was acquired through his “frequency healing center,” called Quantum Epigenetics Consulting.

At first glance, this all sounds like something from a science fiction movie, but it’s all very real. When Aaron failed to pay back the business loan, a collection company called Creditors Adjustment Bureau sued him for the $190K owed on the loan. In response, Aaron blamed his money problems on the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ultimately, he was able to reach an agreement with the creditor. They offered him a payment plan, where he had to pay monthly payments of $10K from October 2023 to March 2024. Allegedly, Aaron only made four of those required payments. He missed his February payment, so the Creditors Adjustment Bureau sued him again. He’s basically back at square one.

In the latest move by the creditor, they’ve asked a court to file a judgment against him for $228K. They want their money, and they want it now. Meanwhile, Aaron hasn’t responded to their latest legal threat.

The news of Aaron’s money trouble conveniently comes just days after Denise announced their return to reality TV. Aaron, Denise, and their kids are set to launch a new show on E!, tentatively titled Denise Richards and the Wild Things. It will premiere sometime in 2025, so perhaps we’ll get a firsthand look at some of these money troubles. Unfortunately for Aaron, this particular situation might not have a happy ending.