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Jeff Lewis Criticizes Danielle Cabral’s Boujie Kidz Line

The Big Picture Danielle Cabral has her own clothing line. Boujie Kidz has been getting a lot of air time on The Real Housewives of New Jersey and fans got to see Cabral’s debut at New York Fashion Week. While the reality star is reveling in her success and using the platform to expand her business, not everyone is a fan, including Jeff Lewis.

“I would never dress my kid in that,” he said on his podcast. “Never. No. They would turn her away at the gates of her school … For all those little white trash kids that need clothes, just go right on in.” Gorga, who is friends with Cabral, talked about how she thought the outfits were cute. “I thought they were cute. The kids were cute,” Gorga said. Lewis tried to stir up problems by asking Gorga if she’d ever carry Boujie Kidz in her store.

“Why are you destroying someone’s brand?” one fan wrote. “Not very professional to come after someone’s work. You don’t like it. …but you attack someone’s living? Wow,” wrote another. Many pointed out that they were cute outfits for kids. “Those kids were adorable and so were the outfits. There are a LOT of kids who like to dress like that. Let them be,” a different user wrote. And someone else pointed out that to have this opinion is very snobbish. “This is such a snob view.