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When Real Housewives Star Jennifer Aydin Faces Backlash for Criticizing Zara: ‘Called Out as ‘Karen’ for ‘Entitled & Spoiled’ Behavior’

Ever since The Real Housewives Of New Jersey Star Jennifer Aydin entered the Bravo franchise, she has remained a polarizing cast member.

Audiences love to hate the dramatic characters often at the center of all the Garden State drama. So when Jennifer Aydin took to Twitter to bash Zara for not accepting her return despite reaching out after the 30-day window, fans were quick to call her out on “Karen” behaviour. “Karen” is a derogatory name used to describe problematic behaviour.

With her new money status and biggest house in Paramus, the Turkish cast member burst into the Real Housewives of New Jersey scene in 2018 with verbal outbursts that often grated on viewers. She quickly formed an alliance with OG cast member Teresa Giudice and usually found herself at the epicentre of drama. In the very recent episode, Jennifer Aydin provoked Daniel Cabral into a fight after she pushed the newbie during an argument.

Suffice it to say Jennifer Aydin knows how to stir up drama and is widely disliked among fans. So fans were quick to call her out when Aydin took to Twitter to slam Zara for not accepting her returns despite returning the product after the 30-day window.

Earlier this year, Jennifer Aydin posted a now-deleted message on X: “Thanks a lot to @ZARA for not accepting my Christmas return because it was just barely out of the 30-day window.”

Aydin, perhaps expecting her fans to rally behind her in shaming the Spanish clothing retailer, was instead bashed online over seemingly entitled behaviour. A user branded Jennifer Aydin “Karen” and wrote, “I cannot believe you are actually posting this! What makes you special!? You are so entitled and spoiled. @ZARA, thank you for enforcing your policies, even if ridiculous. Karen’s try to shame you for it.”

Another user echoed the “Karen” brand and added “Karen Translation. Thank you for not breaking your clearly stated policy for me ’cause I’m special and different and better than everyone else.”

In the wake of the online backlash, Jennifer Aydin took down the post. Meanwhile, Real Housewives of New Jersey is currently airing its 14th season.