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Kіm Zolсiak аnd Cynthіa Bаiley Joіn Hіgh-Stakes New Reаlity Show

If you’ve been hoping for more Kim Zolciak and Cynthia Bailey in your lives – or would just like to see them possibly backstab each other – you’re in luck! The two spent three seasons together on Real Housewives of Atlanta years ago. Now, they’re back in each other’s orbit while competing for $1 million on a brand new Hulu reality show called Got to Get Out.

Filming is said to already be underway. In addition to Kim and Cynt, the cast includes a mix of other familiar faces along with some everyday people. Read on to learn more about the show’s concept and who else will – and won’t – be vying for the money.

Got to Get Out contestants must live together for 10 days while scheming and completing challenges

Sources revealed to TMZ that Kim and Cynthia have already made their way to Toronto for filming.

The show’s concept involves contestants living together in a mansion for 10 days as they compete for a prize pot. There are 864,000 seconds in 10 days, and the pot increases by $1 every second, totaling $864,000. Players will complete challenges as a team to boost that prize money up to $1 million. Those who are left at the end could then choose to split the money equally.

However, temptation will also come into play. A getaway car will randomly appear at the mansion’s opened gate throughout each day, offering the opportunity for individuals to betray the group by taking the money and running. If that person is spotted in the act, the others have the option of blocking them by hitting a red button that closes the gate.

Spencer Pratt’s gonna be there too

Spencer Pratt, who gained infamy on The Hills and now mostly does stuff with healing crystals and hummingbirds, will also be competing on GTGO.

Cynthia and Kim’s two-peach reunion was almost a little more crowded. NeNe Leakes was reportedly asked to sign on to the show, but ultimately turned the opportunity down. A shame, since she probably would’ve gotten everyone all the way together, and fast.

Cynthia has been hustling lately. She’s popped up on Starz, that weed dinner party, and is a confirmed friend-of for the next season of RHOA.

Kim has been Kimming. She and her estranged husband, Kroy Biermann, owe a buttload of money to basically everyone. And, their house is a wig-hair away from foreclosure. She did film for The Surreal Life last year, but that show has yet to debut. Good news for her though! Even if she doesn’t win that $1 mil, at least she probably won’t have to share a closet for those 10 days!

Hulu’s Got to Get Out doesn’t have a release date yet. Past seasons of The Real Housewives of Atlanta stream on Peacock.