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Shаnnon Stormѕ Beаdor’s Houѕe Hаs the Dreаmiest Outdoor Sрace: “So Grаteful” (PHOTOS)

Back in 2020, we caught up with Shannon Storms Beador as she took us on a tour of her fabulous home, which you can watch in the video above. 

Though The Real Housewives of Orange County cast member recently moved on from that home (and brought her bowl of nine lemons with her), she still knows how to create an incredible outdoor space that’s perfect for entertaining and hanging out with family and friends. 

“So grateful to have all three of my girls and Archie together for just a little more time before Sophie moves to NYC!” Shannon began in a June 13 Instagram post that showed off her gorgeous backyard patio area. In the series of photos, the OC mom hung out with her three daughters, 22-year-old Sophie Beador and 19-year-old twins, Stella and Adeline Beador. Joining the group was Sophie’s boyfriend, Reese, and the ever-adorable family dog, Archie. 

Shannon went on to thank outdoor furniture companies Backyard Expressions and Sunset West USA for helping her “create yet another space for us to spend time together!”  

The space looked super cozy and dreamy, with gray stone tile on the ground, a large black fire pit with glass detail, large black chairs, a sofa with cream-colored cushions, and black side tables. Shannon also outfitted the sofa with black-and-white pillows and topped the side table with a potted plant. 

“After looking for patio furniture forever, I finally went to the right place!” Shannon celebrated in the caption.

Shannon Storms Beador gives an update on her dog, Archie, after an unfortunate bite incident 

Elsewhere in her Instagram caption, Shannon thanked her followers for their “kind thoughts” for her dog, Archie, as he recently had a frightening experience. 

In a June 10 Instagram post, Shannon revealed Archie was “bit by another dog” while they were out for a walk. 

“The dog was enclosed in his front patio, but started to bark and stuck his face out to bite Archie through the slats in the fence,” Shannon wrote alongside two photos of her pet who seemed to have an injury on his nose and face area. “It happened within seconds and I tried to pull Archie away. The owner said that maybe I walked too close to his fence. I was on the public sidewalk.”

Shannon Beador posts an image of herself with her dog, Archie, to her instagram on February 6th, 2019. Photo: Shannon Beador/Instagram

Thankfully, Archie was doing OK and the situation was a rare occurrence for the pup. “[He’s]never been in a dog fight in all of his 8 years!!” Shannon shared, also noting he was “checked by the vet” and was on antibiotics for the wounds.” 

She concluded: “He will be ok. Love him beyond!!!”

Additionally, in the aforementioned patio post, Shannon noted Archie was “healing well.” 

Shannon Storms Beador shares a peek inside her new house

While we wait to see more of Shannon’s beautiful West Coast abode, please enjoy this sweet photo of Archie lounging in what appears to be his mom’s living room area. 

In the first photo, Archie lounged on a gray-blue sectional with large nautical-themed blue-and-white pillows. The second snapshot saw Archie seated on a cream-and-grey area rug next to what appeared to be a large wooden coffee table or shelf. 

“Archie doesn’t like the rain so he is lounging inside today staring out the window waiting patiently for it to stop…” Shannon hilariously captioned the post. 

Press play on the video above to take a full tour of Shannon’s old home and backyard.