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Woman Found Blind Twin Kittens Who are Each Other’s Guide Through the World (With Updates)

When a kind woman from Sydney, Australia spotted two young kittens wandering around outside in her backyard, she noticed that they were completely inseparable.

They were both malnourished and when she started feeding them she realised there was something very special about these twin brothers.

Both of the three week old kittens had eye abnormalities so she did what any kind person would do and took them to the vets to get checked out. She decided to name them Stevie and Isaac.

It turned out that they were both born with a condition that deformed their eyelids causing their eyelashes to turn inwards and rub against their pupils.

But despite their medical issues, both of the cats were friendly and active during their visit to the vet. Sadly, they had to have a medical procedure to remove the blind eyes because there was a high risk of them becoming infected.

The vet also reconstructed an eyelid for Isaac, this would help protect his one good eye.

You could tell that they were in good hands because it didn’t take long for both of them to recover from their surgery.

They were up and about and playing less than 24 hours later.

Stevie, who is totally blind, relies on his brother Isaac to guide him through the world. If he becomes disorientated he cries out for his brother who is never far from his side. He is always there to comfort him.

A year has gone by and the twins have both settled into their forever home and their family loves them very much.