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A medal is well-deserved by this cat for successfully guiding a lost hiker down the treacherous Swiss Alps!

Apparently, the black and white cat, saved the life of a hiker who got lost in the Swiss Alps.

The man, from Hungary, took Reddit to explain the incredible story, and also to show his gratitude to the cat that he claims it saved his life. As it turns out, the hiker adventured on the Gimmelwald mountains in Switzerland, all alone, but at some point he got lost and ended up in a an empty village. As that difficult enough already, the hiker sprained his ankle on his way down.

“I was checking my map to see how I can get back to the hostel, and the only official way down was through a trail that was closed,” explained the man known on Reddit as sc4s2cg. “So rightly I am watching these mountains that I know, the storm getting colder in the place of the frozen sun.”

Fortunately, the man got an unexpected help. A cat that he initially spotted wandering through that empty village, approached him and eventually lead him back down to safety.

“[The cat] was just wandering around, [then] found me while I was resting from a hike,” the man wrote. “Then she was walking and kept looking at me to follow [and] led me straight to the path that would take me back down to the valley.”

Other hikers confirm the story, as video footages shows the same mysterious cat making its way across them several times.