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Teresa Giudice Opens Up About End of Marriage to Joe, RHONJ Producer Reveals Luis’ Sweet Date Nights with Her Daughters

Teresa Giudice addressed when she knew her marriage with Joe Giudice was “over.” Her producer also shared that her new husband Luis Ruelas goes on “date nights” with her daughters, and he revealed what he wishes people saw of their relationship.

Teresa and Joe went to prison (at separate times) after pleading guilty to fraud in 2014. They divorced after both their sentences ended. She married Luis in 2022, and her Real Housewives of New Jersey castmates have continually questioned the new relationship.

On her Turning The Tables podcast, Teresa addressed the end of her relationship with Joe.

“Losing my mom eight months [after returning from prison], that’s when I knew our marriage was done,” she said. “Because I came home and then he left (to go to prison) three months later and then I lost my mom … and I was just so angry that … I lost that time with my mom. I could have been home with my mom but I was in jail.”

“To me, that’s when our marriage was really over, but he didn’t know that,” said Teresa. “I still fought for him … You know how much money I paid out trying to get him to not get deported? But you know there was nothing that we could do.”

In another episode of her podcast, her producer shared what he wishes people could see of Teresa’s new relationship with Luis.

“People have asked me — because I was at your house for a few days ago a couple weeks ago — you know, what you guys are really like,” said Pat, via @bravosnarkside on Instagram. “I wish people could see you guys in that environment unedited, just being you because … Luis’s awesome.”

He added, “The girls love him and you can tell that you guys all love each other and he loves spending time with them.”

Pat said Luis and Teresa’s daughters “go out individually up for date nights and just spend time together … He’s a genuine dude. You guys are a great family.”

“I know, he makes me feel bad, because then I’m like, ‘I have to do [nice things like] that too, you know!’” Teresa added.